Time for Tea | UMITEASETS *Gifted*

Time for Tea | UMITEASETS *Gifted*

Anyone who's read my blog knows how much I love a good cup of tea. 

So when I was offered some samples of tea from Umiteasets, of course I jumped at the chance!! 

Umiteasets are a company who sells different types and variety of tea as well as tea pots, tea sets and tea trays. And of course, when they got in touch asking if I wanted to try a sample, of course I said yes!  

I was kindly gifted some loose tea and the cutest little tea pot. The Tea I got sent was - White Peony Tea 

As much as I love a cup of tea, I don't mind trying the odd fruit tea or different variety of tea. I was very intrigued to have a cup of the tea I was kindly sent. 

White Peony Tea is easy to brew and when brewed is a normal tea coloured liquid. (orange/apricot coloured) Named for the bloom, the Tea itself tastes sweet and is enjoyable to slip slowly. I used my miniature tea pot, I was also kindly gifted, to make the perfect sized tea. The tea can be brewed as a green tea or as a black tea - and as much as I wanted to add a dash of milk, I didn't!  - The type of tea - black or green tea - depends on the amount of time you leave it to brew and the temperature of the water. According to UmiTeaSets, you can either leave it for up to two minutes, strain and then add more water - having infused the tea for a second time or brew for 6/7 minuets. I decided to leave my tea leaves in for 6-7 minutes which made the tea leaves give a orange/apricot tone to the water when poured. It's got a sweet taste but was very refreshing. It's defiantly a tea I shall be drinking again. There are other white teas here 

Above Images taken off company website 

I'm so in love with the teapot I got kindly gifted too. My Yixing Purple Clay Mini Teapot is perfect for a single cup of tea. It's classy but functional. Its been added to my tea pot collection! 

UmiTeaSets have a range of different teas from yellow tea, floral tea to Chinese Tea Sets and Glass Tea Cups. 

Thank you UmiTeaSets for my lovely tea and tea pot. 

*This was kindly gifted*

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