__ five recommended wedding tips

__ five recommended wedding tips

 It's been seven months since I said I do. Since I was the bride worrying about all the details, hoping for the perfect weather for my big day. The anxious worries of not spilling anything down your dress during the day. The worrying you'll make it to the venue on time. It's all worth it. However, here are a few tips I'd recommend for any bride or groom planning their big day. 

1. Wedding Favours 

- Not every wedding has favours but we did. I loved the idea of having mints and thought my guests might want something minty after our wedding breakfast. The ideas we played around with was something Irish as my husband is from Ireland, something Russian for my family background ( vodka was the idea) or sweets we both liked - his and hers. However, I ran out of time to do all of things I planned on doing myself, like favours and so we settled on paying someone else to do them for us. And I'm so glad we did. I wouldn't have made them look nearly as cute as the company I hired, did. I still have my favour box which I just refill.

-2. Time 

When you get to under a year, it's going to fly. You'll find that there isn't enough time to do all the things yourself. Ask your bridal party for help. Especially if you are doing things yourself. I had so many little sentimental things I had planned on including but I ran out of time in the last few days before the wedding. And make sure you have time for yourself in the days up to your wedding. Whether its a bath, getting your hair done.. have five to relax. It will go quickly. Make sure you plan what you are dong. 

Giving notice is also important as it has to be done at a certain time before the wedding day itself. We had a church wedding so all of our paper work had to be sent away to the Bishop. Check you have all of the documents you need in advance before making the appointment - 80's/90's babies this is for you. You are going to need your full birth certificate, not the small one some of our parents had when we were born. You need parents information on your birth certificate when you go for your appointment. If you don't have it, you should be able to apply at your local council or passport office for a copy. 

Chasing rsvp's for your wedding can be stressful. Make sure you give yourself enough time to chase up those few late replies before passing on final numbers to your venue. Especially if you're allowing guests to choose their food. 

-3. Your Wedding Day 

You're Wedding Day will fly. It's going to be the most emotional day of your life. You'll need to eat something during the morning because you won't eat till later. Hand out jobs or responsibilities to the groomsmen or bridesmaids because you won't be able to do carry out the jobs during the day yourself - sweet cart etc... During the evening, take a walk around to admire all of your guests enjoying your special day. I took a stroll around our venue to see all of our guests chatting, dancing, drinking - just having a good time. 

Enjoy yourself. Don't stress out. If something goes wrong, it goes wrong. If it rains, it rains. Just breathe, your wedding day is all about you. 

-4. The Little Details 

I was stressing out the days before my wedding because I hadn't thought about Pyjamas! I wanted us all to look similar in the morning of our wedding and because everything else was organised, this was something I could stress about. On a cold autumnal morning, I settled on black leggings or shorts and bride tribe t-shirts. Perfect for getting ready in and we only wore them for breakfast and having our hair and make up done. 

The tables was another thing I was stressing about because I couldn't decide on what I wanted. I knew I wanted autumnal but trying to make sure all of my tables looked like autumn had hit it was something I couldn't visually see. However on the day, I was so busy to notice if my tables looked like the full force of autumn herself, it wasn't until I saw the photos was I pleased on how they looked. I had place names to match the autumnal aesthetic I was trying to achieve. I brought thousands of autumnal leaves because I wanted it to look as autumnal as possible. Even down to the little orange ribbons holding up light bulbs. Looking back now, I don't think anyone else noticed the small details but in the photographs, they looked stunning. Don't stress about the little details, it all comes together in the end. Don't have something that is out your budget or because its a trend. No one really notices the small things, everyone is too busy having a drink, a dance and shoving their face with the evening buffet! 

-5. Cake 

You wont need to buy a cake for the amount of your guests who are attending. Not everyone will eat your cake and your venue won't put out all of your cake. My cake fed 100 and I had 140 guests attending. I went home with half a wedding cake which did get demolished and sent out to people who couldn't make it, shared with family or taken into work. We still have a slice in our freezer as a keepsake. 

Good Luck Planning, Don't get stressed! 

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