hello world  -  whilst I've been gone

hello world - whilst I've been gone

 Hello, Welcome Back...

I've been gone a while and wasn't sure I was ever going to return back to the blogging world for many reasons. . . it all came down to the fact I missed writing. I missed the sound of the keys as I typed away. I missed the creativity and the whole process of writing, photography and posting. In fact, I missed everything. And in the history of blogging comebacks. . . 

Here's a little life update ____


Our Autumnal themed wedding was my Pinterest dream come true! The whole day went so fast and it was such an amazing day. 

(yes I wore vans under my dress only for the outside parts and spent my whole day in cosy socks!) 

I spent most of the year planning, buying, organising and in the final few days I finally felt like everything had finally come together. 


After avoiding Covid for two years, I finally caught it and spent three days solidly sleeping. I've never felt so ill in all my life! I spent six days in isolation and watched an abundance of Netflix of many, many crime related programs! 


I've fallen in love with old books. Old, unloved books that are left on a shelf. I've got How to Kill a Mockingbird in a beautiful hardback cover published in the early 1900's, A beautiful Hans Christian Andersen's Fairytale Book published in 1933. It's so beautifully illustrated. And my favourite book so far, Peter Pan and Wendy, Published in 1949, its pages are so fragile and delicate. My oldest book is said to be dated around 1840. (all of my old book collection can be found on my instagram!


I've fallen back in love with Art. Painting with watercolour is my favourite media and I'm in love with exploring colour and creativity. It's just so easy to get lost in the world of art. I would love to be an artist and paint, paint, paint! 

What have you been up too? 


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