- Why I said Yes to a Traditional Wedding -

- Why I said Yes to a Traditional Wedding -

As soon as I got asked the big question, I knew I wanted a traditional wedding. Something timeless, that I wouldn't look back on in ten years and think, why did I follow that wedding trend or why did I wear a dress like that! I wanted timeless, elegant and classic. 

Here are a few traditions we both wanted at our Wedding

Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

It's a tradition people always say to have at their wedding, and so I really wanted to have this. My four items were - Something New - my tiara - Something Old - My Husbands Nans ring - Something Borrowed - My Petticoat - Something Blue - A gift from my maids of honour - It was something really fun to include and think of. 


With the dress being THE most important thing of a bride's day, I knew that Lace was 100% that I wanted. With the dress of The Duchess of Cambridge being my ultimate style icon, I searched for the dress and after thinking of it for a week, I knew it was the one! 

Receiving Line

We wanted to do this to make sure we said hello and thank you to every guest that had attended our Wedding. I wanted to make sure I said hello to every guest that came to share our big day with us. We had a marquee so the walkway in between the marquee and the manor was the perfect place to for it. 



I loved the idea of having a little something for our guests and so after a lot of changing, we finally settled on Mints as ours. I was going to make ours but I simply ran out of time and so buying them online became a saving grace! 

Being Given Away

Having no relationship with my father meant it was tricky to think about being given away or the 'father, daughter dance' I simply chose not to have a Father Daughter Dance and my Grandfather was honoured to give me away.  


Confetti was a must and have been to weddings where people have thrown and haven't thrown confetti. As a guest, I love throwing Confetti and I think it's such a lovely way of celebrating a marriage that has just happened. I brought Biodegradable Confetti and asked the groomsmen to let everyone have a handful. Beautiful dried out flowers, autumnal shades and good for the environment. 

I absolutely loved our traditional wedding and wouldn't change a thing. Would you have/did you have a traditional wedding? 

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