WEll Hello! ...

Thank you for coming to finding out more about me. My name is Kayleigh and I have a tendency to overshare.  

I created this blog in 2015, which seems a lifetime ago. Creating a space on the internet seemed terrifying at first, oversharing your every thought, strangers reading your experiences. If anything, I wanted to be relatable and for others to say, I do that too! Motivating others, whilst I try and avoid walking into a wall -  I'm ridiculously clumsy -  or inspiring others - whilst I cry my eyes out as I'm finishing the latest book I'm reading - was something I felt passionate about. Life's all about sharing our experiences and lessons we've learnt along the way and I'm secretly hoping there's others out there that are just as clumsy and foolish as me. 

On this blog you won't find a lipstick review or anything fashion related, this isn't the blog for you, if that's what you are after. I am not a beauty expert, neither am I a fashion guru. To describe kayleighromanov.com I would say it's a girls lessons and experiences on adulting or a guide on how to survive your twenties. Adulting, hey! What joys, worries and confusion it brings!

You've probably come here to find out more about me, so let me share five things I love - 

One - Absolutely love Documentaries, especially true crime or true life stories - I love all things like that. On a day off, I'll watch a Documentary over anything.  

Two - I'm a Tea-Addict. Seriously, the first thing I do when I wake up, is stick the kettle on. Cannot function without that first morning cup of tea. 

Three - Autumn/Fall. Seriously love this time of year. I just love the change in weather, the colours the season brings... there just aren't any words I can write to describe my love for Autumn.

Four - I could eat Pasta all day, everyday. Seriously, it was made by the God's. If I'm out for dinner, 9 times out of 10, I'll have something with Pasta. 

Five - Disney. I cried on my first trip to Disney as I walked down Main Street. It's a Small World is one of my favourite rides, I know every word to 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' from Mulan - One of the best Disney songs, I'll have you know. Tangled is one of my favourite Disney Films, shortly followed by Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty - It's the classics, I know. 

So during Autumn, with a bowl of Pasta and a cup of tea watching a documentary and singing along Disney Classics is when I'm at my most happiest! 

Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this journey,

Lots of Love, Kayleigh